Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Update

Hello Parents and Players,

I finally figured out a way to use the Google group! And this is where we are at currently; I have had the same 10 to 15 girls coming out all summer for practice, which I am happy about to a certain extent. I need more girls to start showing up, as of right now I'm not entering the team in the highland games because we don’t have enough girls showing up to practice to make spending that money worth it. Next week is fun week; two a day’s everyday that week, if I haven’t seen your face all summer and you expect to fill a spot in this club then you MUST be at practice next week. As mentioned before I am new to this club and I am trying to set up a starting 15 that will be successful in leading you girls back to nationals! But I can't do this if I you don’t come to practice and if I don't even know you!!!! As of last week I have enough for an A side and that all, after this year with so many senior leaving we are going to need to recruit and those of you younger players need to step and establish a B side.

I will be forming the starting lineup next week so if you have aspirations of starting and/or playing it is imperative that you make it to next week’s sessions.

As for tomorrow and Beach 5's Emily sent out a discussion for everyone to let them know when and where to meet down there. Bring socks you cannot play barefoot! Also bring tennis shoes as well! As of right now I haven’t registered you girls for highland games, but if I get a strong turnout tomorrow I will cut the check and we will roll.

Attached is the fall schedule making sure these dates are free in your calendars especially the Founders cup game on Friday Night! Never have we won that piece of hardware, so I expect us to take it this year!


09/05 Sunday Highland Games Waukesha Expo [optional]

09/12 Sunday DSHA TBD TBD

09/19 Sunday Oak Creek Minooka 1:00 pm

09/24 Friday Catholic Memorial Minooka 4:30 pm

10/03 Sunday Vernon Vernon Field 12:00 pm

10/10 Sunday Kettle Moraine Minooka? 1:00 pm

In closing, get your but to practice so we can practice as a team and get ready for the season.

That is all,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Coach Same Expectation, National Championship or Bust!

Hello Brookfield Parents and Players,

My name is Brendan McCann (Benny) and I have taken over as the new head coach of this team from my good friend Austin Ryan. I know the past few years have been difficult for this club with the many transitions that have been made at the head coaching position. I am here to assure you that I plan on staying with this club for the long haul! I am a student at Marquette University where I am studying to become a High School Teacher specializing in History and Special Needs Education. I am originally from Boston Massachusetts and since moving to the Dairy State I have fallen in love with the Midwest Manner and way of life. My ultimate goal as head coach here is to help form this team into a National Championship caliber squad. I have heard of the talents that this team can unleash and I am very excited to begin our run back to Nationals.

I am cut from the same cloth that Austin was cut from, I believe that fitness and confidence wins rugby matches. Austin exhibited this very well by showing that size does not mean a dam thing when it comes to a rugby match; it's all about heart and confidence which he had loads of and which we on the Marquette Men's club will miss dearly. I grew up playing against Austin, then eventually with him in college, and he taught me the most important lesson that any rugby player can learn and it is if your heart and determination is there, you are the biggest meanest player on the field and no one can bring you down. I heard of this club's game against the Amazons form Sacramento, and to be honest with the level of fitness you guys have, the only factor that let them win was they were "scary". One thing I will instill in you ladies is that fear cannot hold you back from greatness, defeating fear in that game would of won you that game, but it is alright because we are going to see them again and I have every confidence with the game plan and training we will have at that point, we will destroy them. The big word in that last roll on sentence was training!!!!!

Austin got the players in this club in top shape and you better believe I am going to push you even further, to limits you never thought you would reach, but remember just like Austin we are not drill sergeants we are your coaches who only want the best for you, and since you already have been to Nationals, the best thing for you is a National Championship. To reach such a goal is going to require alot of commitment and sacrifice. I am willing to put all the time I have into this club to reach that goal and I hope you ladies are ready to do the same. I expect you to be at training every Monday Wednesday and Thursday during the Fall. I do not know any of your skill levels yet, so do not think because you were a starter before that gives you the right to not go to training or to be lazy. I will start those who prove to me that they want to start. Of course there has been a starting 15 established with Austin, but it can change and will if commitment is not shown. This commitment also starts in the summer with making sure you stay in shape and are in rugby form when two a days start the week before you go back to school. If you show up to two a days and I have not seen your face all summer, then that will be a huge issue. I know that summer is ruff with summer work and vacations, but if I can clear my hefty schedule for you guys, then you can clear two hours a week for me. Also the two hours during the week is not going to cut it for fitness, so please make sure your running on your own in your free time or going to the gym, if anyone has fitness questions or wants regimens contact me and I will gladly give you a workout map..

I come to you with an arsenal of knowledge of this game we all love so much and a burning desire to make the Brookfied Bruisers the #1 team in America. I also bring to you a few assistant coaches who will aide me in bringing this team what it deserves. I am a huge proponent of respect and I expect that at practice you will give me your utmost attention. I know this post seems like an angry rant, but it is not, I'm just excited to do great things with this club and I know we are going to have fun as we progress. So do not worry I am not the fun police, if I was I wouldn't be playing rugby because besides defeating your opponent, rugby is all about having fun and forming friendships.

So in closing make sure you get out to training this summer and keep fit and if you have any questions, players or parents please do not hesitate to ask! Parents: since I have not met all of you personally yet I would like to set up a time and place where we can all sit down and talk logistics for the upcoming year. If you could email me separately with a day and time when your free I will compile the dates and post them on the blog here and we can vote and meet up on the most convenient date for everyone.

Again Ladies I am honored to take over this club and I am excited to begin our march back to Nationals! O one more thing I also expect a victory in the founder's cup considering we have never won it before and CM HS has had it far to long!

Till next Time!
781 267 3372

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Match Details for Saturday

Here are the details for our next match

WHAT: The Founders' Cup Match
DATE: Saturday, April 17, 2010
WHERE: Minooka Park
TIME/OPPONENT: 9:25 CMH-JV v.Brookfield-B; 10:00am CMH v Brookfield-B
(Players should be at Minooka ready to warm up at 8:15 a.m.)
Head west on Bluemound Rd/US-18
Turn slight left onto WI-164 S. (2.1 miles)
Turn left onto CR-Y/E. Racine Ave. (0.8 miles)
Turn Right onto E. Sunset Dr. (200 ft.)
Minooka Park is located at 1927 E. Sunset Dr. in Waukesha

(Don't forget that there is a park admission per car so please have cash available. I stronly encourage players to consider buying a county pass as it is good all year to matches at all the county parks (i.e. mathes for Brookfield, KM, and CMH) throughout the 2010 Calendar year)!