Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Update

Hello Parents and Players,

I finally figured out a way to use the Google group! And this is where we are at currently; I have had the same 10 to 15 girls coming out all summer for practice, which I am happy about to a certain extent. I need more girls to start showing up, as of right now I'm not entering the team in the highland games because we don’t have enough girls showing up to practice to make spending that money worth it. Next week is fun week; two a day’s everyday that week, if I haven’t seen your face all summer and you expect to fill a spot in this club then you MUST be at practice next week. As mentioned before I am new to this club and I am trying to set up a starting 15 that will be successful in leading you girls back to nationals! But I can't do this if I you don’t come to practice and if I don't even know you!!!! As of last week I have enough for an A side and that all, after this year with so many senior leaving we are going to need to recruit and those of you younger players need to step and establish a B side.

I will be forming the starting lineup next week so if you have aspirations of starting and/or playing it is imperative that you make it to next week’s sessions.

As for tomorrow and Beach 5's Emily sent out a discussion for everyone to let them know when and where to meet down there. Bring socks you cannot play barefoot! Also bring tennis shoes as well! As of right now I haven’t registered you girls for highland games, but if I get a strong turnout tomorrow I will cut the check and we will roll.

Attached is the fall schedule making sure these dates are free in your calendars especially the Founders cup game on Friday Night! Never have we won that piece of hardware, so I expect us to take it this year!


09/05 Sunday Highland Games Waukesha Expo [optional]

09/12 Sunday DSHA TBD TBD

09/19 Sunday Oak Creek Minooka 1:00 pm

09/24 Friday Catholic Memorial Minooka 4:30 pm

10/03 Sunday Vernon Vernon Field 12:00 pm

10/10 Sunday Kettle Moraine Minooka? 1:00 pm

In closing, get your but to practice so we can practice as a team and get ready for the season.

That is all,